Lost in the Lingerie Department of Life

I am, not for the first time in my life, lost in the bra aisles of M&S.

T-shirt , sports, comfort, underwired, plunge, push up, full cup, balcony, lace, embroidered… the list seems endless. And I’m not entirely sure where to begin…

Because this is an entirely new area for me.

Not just bra shopping, but exploring my femininity in general.

I spent many years denying my womanhood. I felt vulnerable as a woman, powerless, weak. I didn’t like it, so I rejected it, suppressing it.

Now, however, through yoga, therapy and some super awesome role models, I feel comfortable enough to embrace who I am as a woman.


Photo credit: Elloa Atkinson

So the next question is: how do I express this?

Because, really, bras are just a prop (pun intended)

Femininity isn’t whether you wear a bra or not. It comes from holding your swagger. It comes from knowing that you are a Woman. It comes from owning who you are to the nth degree.

Photo Credit: Qoya Collective UK

In the same way that no bra size fits all, there is no one way of expressing this.

It could be through your hair, your clothes, your make up. On another level, it could be through your work, your children, or even your relationships.

The important thing is that you find it. And once you have, you flaunt it.

I have not yet found what my ‘it’ is. I am still in the changing rooms, fiddling with the straps metaphorically speaking.

Photo credit: Grace Dares

But, actually, I don’t mind.

What I once saw as a chore, I now view with joy. Seeing it as an exploration, an experiment, a journey.

Maybe I’ll find lots of different ways of expressing my femininity. I don’t know.

Photo Credit: Rachel Gedney at Divine Feminine Wisdom

And I invite you to not know with me.

Explore yourself a little. How do you express your womanhood? And are you willing to put 100% of your woman into it?

Because if you are, I believe the world will listen. No matter what cup size you are.


Learn more about my super awesome role models:


4 thoughts on “Lost in the Lingerie Department of Life

  1. Oh my goodness!! SUCH an honour to know you Victoria and to be considered a role model by you. You are an incredible woman and I honour this beautiful, unpredictable, deep, often painful journey that you are on. I am walking my path of exploring womanhood *all the time.* It is made all the easier by knowing I walk alongside powerful, visionary women like you. xx

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  2. Excellent piece Victoria, and like Elloa, honoured to be one of your Role Models. Working with so many females on this very issue, you are correct in saying “one size does not fit all”. I love and value the diversity as well as guiding females along this beautiful Life Adventure watching them open up to embrace and embody their unique femininity. My own path has been fun, each decade having its own unique challenges, turns and acceptance; now in my mid 50s, feeling my most confident, sensual, embracing my body changes with love as a natural, beautiful part of feminine womanhood. Watching you bloom before my eyes is such a treat … thank you for sharing your Adventure with us 😊💃💝 xx

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  3. My dear Victoria, I love how beautifully you write! You are so gifted, my dear. It seems to me that many of us would love to understand our own nature, our womanhood a little better; a little deeper, and I feel excited to be sharing this fascinating journey with you! Thank you for your love and your kindness. You are beautiful, my dear woman. I love you.

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  4. Thank you all so much. You are all beautiful women. When I wrote this initially, I included pictures of celebrities. And while I respect and admire them (woman like Marianne Williamson and Amy Steinberg), I can’t quite make the same connection of heart as I do with you lovely ladies. You really inspire me and I’m so glad I’m in a group where I can speak about these things in a mature way and not feel ashamed or embarrassed by my desires. I want to thank you all so much.

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